Top 10 Misconceptions About The Titanic Debunked

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April 15, 2017 will mark the 105th anniversary of The Titanic sinking.

As the 105th anniversary of its sinking approaches, it’s clear that the Titanic shows no signs of fading from society’s collective memory. Over the past century, a great number of legends and stories about her and those aboard have been told and repeated. Some are true, and some are factually distorted and have become cemented in popular lore as a result. Here are ten common misconceptions about the Titanic and her terrible demise.

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10 The First SOS

One of the most enduring Titanic myths still thrown at unsuspecting trivia fans to this day is the claim that Titanic was the first ship to use the “SOS” distress signal. Like most myths and legends, there’s a grain of truth that has been twisted and distorted into a more dramatic-sounding tidbit. It comes from…

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