Meteorologist: US Southwest “Permanent” Drought Totally Gone! …US “Now As Good As It Gets”!

The only thing that happened, is that Trump, became president, and Obama’s agenda was trashed.


From No Tricks Zone, by P Gosselin

What follows is another example climate-scare prediction turned folly.

The NOAA’s and the University of Nebraska (Lincoln) National Drought Mitigation Center’s (NDMC) US drought monitor map that follows now shows extraordinarily little drought conditions across the USA, despite earlier predictions of permanent drought and misery over vast regions.

Meteorologist Paul Dorian of here in fact writes that moisture conditions across the US are now “about as good as it gets“.

He reports that “severe”, “extreme” or “exceptional” drought conditions are limited to a puny 1.6% of the continental US. Going back to the year 2000, only February and March of 2010 had similar limited drought conditions on a nationwide basis that we are enjoying today.

In fact the news may actually get better with the next drought monitor update as the numbers cited in today’s posting reflect only precipitation data registered through…

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