That time when Chris Matthews said Hitler didn’t use chemical weapons…

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  Press Secretary Sean Spicer has come under fire, and rightfully so, for making the stupid remark that even Adolf Hitler did not use chemical weapons during WWII. Some Democrats, most notably Nancy Pelosi, have called on Sean Spicer to resign because of this mistake.

  While I cannot state emphatically enough how remarkably dumb this mistake was that is all it was–a mistake–and I do not see any reason for him to resign over this. The left will seize any opportunity to try to take down anyone in the Trump regime and this is the latest example.

  It is funny, but I do not remember anyone on the left calling for Chris Matthews resignation in 2013 when he said the same thing while defending Barack Obama. Here is what he said:

“If you basically lay — put down a red line and say don’t use chemical weapons, and…

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