John McCain says Donald Trump’s missile strike on Syria did not go far enough

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 John McCainAfter days, if not weeks, of bashing Donald Trump on various issues John McCain was forced to admit he agreed with the President’s bombing of Syria in the wake of last week’s chemical attack. However the resident Republican warmonger in the Senate is now backing down slightly from his support and is sliding back into the #NeverTrump camp. 

  Not willing to give the President too much credit for acting quickly on Syria John McCain stated that the rhetoric coming out of Washington prior to the attack was partially responsible for Bashar al-Assad’s decision to use chemical weapons on his own people. I still have questions as to why Bashar al-Assad would do this when he seemed to be in the driver’s seat: if he knew Donald Trump was against regime change why would he do something which would change that position? This does not make sense to me, did this…

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