Details on ECDIS Data Presentation and Performance Check for Ships

Maritime Cyprus

The International Hydrographic Organization (IHO) has issued a bulletin concerning relevant ECDIS Performance Check for ships.

The checks detailed below are not intended for, and are not suitable to be used as a Port State Inspection / Carriage compliance test for ECDIS.

The checks should be run at least once after installing an ECDIS.  A re-run is recommended only after a software update, system upgrade or change of equipment.  The results should be reported to the IHO if and only if anomalies are found.

The IHO ENC/ECDIS Presentation and Performance Checks are intended to make mariners aware of any shortcomings with their ECDIS. Mariner feedback from the checks will also enable the IHO to identify how the different brands of ECDIS display and handle chart data. This information will be used to inform the IMO, national Hydrographic Offices, ECDIS manufacturers and others, so that they can take any corrective action that…

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