Columbia-Marlow Merger to Create One of the Largest Shipmanagement Companies

Maritime Cyprus

The Limassol-based Columbia Shipmanagement and Marlow Navigation, two of the largest ship management firms in the world, have announced recently that they have engaged in exploratory talks aiming at completing a merger. The proposed merger would create one of the “world’s largest” shipmanagement companies with the obvious synergies and greater efficiencies created to the benefit of current and future clientelle. The new entity will target harvesting economies of scale, including more optimal tonnage planning, and administrative, commercial and operational efficiencies in a highly competitive market. In addition to the significant scale advantages in ship management which arise, there will eventually be better career opportunities for both seafarers and shore staff which are of benefit to a ship manager’s customers, the Shipowners. Synergies between two already established firms, allows to not only maintain but to increase their combined high level of customer service while still remaining competitive in the marketplace.

Due diligence for the deal between the…

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