UK Maritime Transport Statistics 2016

Maritime Cyprus

The UK Department for Transport produces annually maritime statistics for:

  • domestic waterborne freight
  • ports
  • sea passengers
  • shipping fleets
  • seafarers

An overview of maritime and shipping statistics can be seen within the maritime chapter of the latest Transport statistics Great Britain publication.

Domestic waterborne freight

Statistics on freight traffic moved within the United Kingdom by water transport. This covers inland waters traffic, traffic carried around the UK coast, one-port traffic to and from offshore installations and sea dredging.

Produced from a combination of the sources for our ‘port freight statistics’ and an independent survey of inland waterway operators.

Statistics are updated annually.


Statistics on freight handled by UK sea ports.

Provisional statistics on freight handled by major UK ports are published quarterly and final annual statistics are published annually in August. The statistics are based mainly on returns from port operators and shipping lines and agents.

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