Video: Rand Paul discussing the ‘wiretapping’ of Donald Trump

America's Watchtower

 The possible wiretapping of Trump Tower has become a big issue with the left and the mainstream media since the President made the accusation a couple of weeks ago. Clear minded people understand that Donald Trump mis-tweeted when he used the term “wiretapped” because it is pretty clear he meant Trump Tower was under surveillance. This does not excuse the President but it does provide the left with fodder to ignore the real problem.

  We know that somebody was conducting surveillance  because that person released the transcripts of a conversation Michael Flynn had with a foreign ambassador. The real question here should be, who is criminally leaking transcripts of a private conversation?

  Earlier today Rand Paul explained the real problem of low level government employees being able to “unmask”Americans and he nailed the true crux of the issue.

  Here is the video:

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