Why’s Facebook Enabling Hard Core Child Abuse Across it’s Platform?

Relax. The “Mighty Weiner”, is being deposed by the FBI. Many, many, of the media elite, may soon be “biting the bullet”.

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While Facebook facilitates facial recognition and vacuums up user data by the exa-byte (look it up), they draw the line at being asked to clamp down on child porn being passed around on its servers.

In a shocking story putting the massive social network in a very seedy light,Gizmodo reportedlast week, “When BBC journalists discovered child porn on the network and sent those images to Facebook last week, the company reported the BBC to police in the UK for the distribution of illegal images.”

That’s right. When informed that pedophiles were passing around pictures of children in the vilest, most unholy ways, Facebook shot the messenger. Well, Facebook asked police to do it for them — metaphorically of course.

Investigative reporters from the BBC have a long history of tracking down the perverts that seem to pervade the Internet. After discovering that there was a significant amount of such…

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3 Responses to Why’s Facebook Enabling Hard Core Child Abuse Across it’s Platform?

  1. nootkabear says:

    That is what the world is headed to. A bunch of sick assholes that think it is ok to sexually abuse children. It has invaded everything now, and personally, I am sick of it. The schools, everything is leaving child sexual exploitation and abuse out in the open, trying to show it is ok to be a sick pervert.
    That is why most people, with any sense are dead set against all these numerous genders that is being crammed down our throats. We are supposed to sit by and think it is ok for a man to be going to the same restroom as our daughters? And then when our daughters complain, they are sexists? WTF is wrong with these people?

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