Travel Ban Blocking Judge Had Special Dinner Guest Night of His Ruling

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It seems this judge and Bathhouse Barry are colluding against President Trump. 

This smacks of being inappropriate.

The illusion of collusion be damned!  The judge who blocked President Trump’s second executive order on immigration has been caught at a compromising dinner table.

Given that the President’s second attempt at securing our nation’s borders in order to implement a new “extreme vetting” program for refugees from terror-tied countries had been widely approved by the Americans that it aims to protect, no one truly expected such a swift and decisive legal challenge to arrive so early in its existence.  But, of course, one federal judge in Hawaii found some reason to block the necessary, common sense order.

In the ensuing days, there was plenty of speculation over the judge’s impetus for blocking the reform, and the plot thickened when it was revealed that former President Obama had just happened to be…

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One Response to Travel Ban Blocking Judge Had Special Dinner Guest Night of His Ruling

  1. Zip-a-Dee says:

    Some in NV are peeved here that the Senator is making NV into a ‘safe haven’ for terrorist and illegals. We notice though none of these Judges or Politicians are housing them at there homes. Let them stay there!

    You probably know more about the 5th Column by it seems to be just ‘redressing itself’ thru the years.

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