Clinton’s Attorney General, Janet Reno’s 1993 letter firing 93 United States Attorneys.

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Source: Wikipedia, public domain.

The firing of 46 United States attorneys aka Obama holdovers by President Donald Trump’s Attorney General, Jeff Sessions has Progressive bureaucrats and their fake news propagandists in meltdown mode with many going so far as to imply (AGAIN) that the president is unfit to serve.

Unfit to serve for doing what?  Business as usual?  No laws were broken and the firings are within the right of the President.  U. S. attorneys under the purview of the Department of Justice serve at the pleasure of the president.  Parsons v. United States, 167 U.S. 324 (1897)

Accused by the media of playing politics, on March 24, 1993 Bill Clinton’s Attorney General, Janet Reno demanded the resignation of 93 United States attorneys.

New York Times

WASHINGTON, March 23— Attorney General Janet Reno today demanded the prompt resignation of all United States Attorneys, leading the Federal prosecutor in the…

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