USCG updates Ballast Water Management (BWM) Extension Program (March 2017)

Maritime Cyprus

This update was issued in response to hundreds of extension requests and dozens of questions received by the Coast Guard, which indicate a widespread misunderstanding of the previously issued guidance, and an associated need for additional clarity and certainty for all stakeholders.The Coast Guard has issued this latest update (March 2017) for the procedures for requesting extensions for compliance with Ballast Water Management regulations found at 33CFR part 151.

The goal of the Coast Guard compliance extension procedure is to provide reasonable flexibility to ship owners and operators, where appropriate, while ensuring steady progress toward achieving statutory intent in enhancing protection of U.S. waters from invasive species in ballast water that can damage the environment and harm the economy. The dynamic nature of this challenge, including the number and type of approved systems, the capacity of manufacturers and shipyards, the demands of the global fleet and the impending implementation of…

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