Cashless bartering for survival

Additional survival tricks

After the collapse of an issuing government of some fiat money, or even after a government’s sudden denomination or confiscation of its own fiat money the population is left with only bartering for their own survival.

1. Choice of universal exchange medium

As the existing fiat cash has no authority to accept it as a tax payment (such as right after that government is toppled by an occupation force or by a revolution), it may become just a worthless piece of money.

People should choose some medium with intrinsic values and has the following characteristics:

1a. Usefulness to everyone,

1b. Being durable, not perishable, easy to maintain,

1c. Being neither dangerous nor illegal,

1d. Can be naturally consumed by the owner over time if trading is slow.

1e. Sub-divisibility into any suitable amount is an additional optional advantage.


a. Rice (food grains that can be kept for up to…

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1 Response to Cashless bartering for survival

  1. Barter is funny. I barter my skill set regularly for goods.
    That works well on a personal level but those goods have to be bought by another for cash.
    Yet if I go shopping and try to barter and it is not accepted, by anyone.

    Although if money is no more, neither will the shops.
    No shops, non supply chain, so bartering at best will remain a local agreement.

    Best you hone your foraging skills.
    That and how to use a pry bar.

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