House Oversight Committee sends a letter to the Ethics Office about Kellyanne Conway’s possible ethics violation after she endorsed Ivanka Trump’s clothing line

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  There are many people who have concerns about the potential conflicts of interest that might arise due to Donald Trump’s business ventures. Of course the left did not care about Hillary Clinton’s conflicts of interests while she was running for President so this is more than a little hypocritical but still the problem does exist so we must put aside the hypocrisy to delve into this post. After all we would also be hypocritical if we ignored this story after we attacked Hillary Clinton’s conflicts of interest while she Secretary of State and the potential that it would continue if she won the Presidency.

    Kellyanne Conway appeared on Fox News earlier today and while apparently in her official capacity as councilor to Donald Trump she used the opportunity to endorse Ivanka Trump’s clothing line, offering what she called  “a free commercial.”

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