Cyprus Flag Administration – Entry into force of amendments to Code of Maritime Labour Convention

Maritime Cyprus

The Cyprus Department of Merchant Shipping (DMS) has informed owners, operators and managers of Cyprus ships of the adoption, under the tacit acceptance procedure, of the 2014 amendments to the Code of the Maritime Labour Convention 2006, which were approved by the 103rd Session of the International Labour Conference.

The amendments, which enter into force on January 18, 2017, relate to:

  • Standard A2.5 regarding the repatriation of seafarers; and
  • Standard A4.2 regarding the shipowner’s liability in respect of compensation in the case of a seafarer’s death or long-term disability due to occupational injury or illness.


Maritime labour certificates and declarations of maritime labour compliance that were issued before January 18, 2017 will remain valid until the first renewal or intermediate inspection.

Declarations of maritime labour compliance

For vessels registered under the Cyprus flag on or after January 18 2017, an amended form of Declaration of Maritime Labour Compliance Part…

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