Paul Ryan wins reelection as Speaker of the House

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  Paul Ryan has won reelection as Speaker of the House; this of course does not come as a surprise however I think he margin of victory is a little surprising as there was only one Republican defector. Here is more:

Lawmakers reelected Paul D. Ryan as House speaker Tuesday, choosing the Wisconsin Republican with a fraught history with President-elect Donald Trump to serve as Trump’s chief legislative partner.

Ryan won the support of all but one Republican, winning with many fewer GOP defectors than when he first won the speakership in 2015. The vast majority of Democrats voted for Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), who was reelected as party leader last year despite an abortive effort among some colleagues to oust her after November’s disappointing election results.

  For all of the (justified) talk of a possible civil war within the Republican party the result of this vote shows us…

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  1. steveknife says:

    This is inexcusable. Paul Ryan should have been sent packing.

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