The Deadly Dozen – 12 Significant Human Factors in Maritime Safety

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The UK Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) issued a guidance note raising awareness of twelve of the most common people related factors the Deadly Dozen that can affect maritime safety, along with suggested mitigating actions available to companies, masters, and seafarers. For more information, click here to download MGN 520(M)

There is a wide range of contributory factors that result in maritime accidents, incidents and errors. Most result from a combination of several, even many different contributory factors ranging from purely technical failures to environmental, systemic, procedural, competence and behavioural factors.

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The Human Element
  1. A consistently occurring factor throughout almost all accidents, incidents and errors is the human element – people’s ability and capability to deal effectively and safely with the complexity, difficulty, pressures and workload of their daily tasks, not only in emergency situations but also during routine operations.
  2. The majority of these accidents, incidents and errors are potentially avoidable if peoples’ understanding, actions and behaviour were…

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