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Buried deep under a mountain in north west Spain, innovative methods are helping extend Spain’s high speed rail network.

The €209.08M (£188M) 6km twin bore Bolanos Tunnel is located 175km south east of Santiago de Compostela. It is on the 450km line that links Madrid with the region of Galicia, via the cities of Olmedo, Zamora and Ourense.

The client is Adif Alta Velocidad, rail infrastructure administrator for Spain. Adif bid each bore seperately but combined both contracts after their award, with the contractors working together with the same methods, equipment and sharing knowledge.

bolanos-tunnel-23 The western (Zamora) portal to the tunnel, with plant and concrete segments on display.

But taking the lead in the work is FCC (who is in a joint venture with Acciona Infrastructuras, taking 47.5% of work, and Collosa, 5%). FCC has a long history with high speed rail in the country, and is increasingly looking overseas…

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