Washington Post does big article on Twin Falls, Idaho: Big business needs refugee/immigrant labor

Refugee Resettlement Watch

twin-falls-mayor-shawn-barigar Twin Falls Mayor Shawn Barigar whines to WaPo about Breitbart reporting. As Chamber of Commerce Prez. he helped get Chobani Yogurt plant built in town.

I have other things I want to post today, but since the WaPo has devoted many column inches in its Business section to the Twin Falls, Idaho refugee controversy, I need to at least direct you to it.

Thanks to reader Brenda for sending it my way.  (For decades I had a subscription to the WaPo but cancelled it years ago when they savaged Sarah Palin.)

Go here where reporter Chico Harlan tries to cover all the issues, but the focus is on the symbiotic relationship between the refugee program, big business, and white workers/politicians who benefit.

See our YUGE archive on Twin Falls byclicking here.

Just one more reminder that the Refugee Admissions Program is largely about cheap labor (at taxpayer expense!)…

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