Work to be done.

Thank you, to the American voters. Thank you, to all the bloggers who stood the test, and long battle. Thank you, to all the people around the world, with kind words and hope, for it is much better to, Make Commerce, Not War.

While the nation approaches the January 2017, inauguration, it is time to calm down, and start getting a plan worked out, where everyone, will be included. Foreign aid, will have to go to those foreign, remote, and neglected places, such as Detroit, Baltimore, Memphis, and other US cities. The nation’s infrastructure is a mess. Unions will be hard pressed to find, or train, qualified operating engineers for heavy equipment, and every manner of the trades for laborers and general laborers. Easier said than done. Steel mills need to get refurbished and fired up, as well as lead manufacturing and, let’s never forget, coal.

What the nation will be faced with come January of 2017, will in fact be a wartime production of peace. Rather than munitions, though our military needs a revamping, initially, a civil reconstruction of the long neglected nation, since idiots were in charge from the late 1990s until now. At this moment in time, it is important, very important, that people in America, get one thought into their heads: TEAMWORK.

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