The plot thickens in Poughkeepsie! Local elected officials not informed about refugee arrival

Refugee Resettlement Watch

Uh! Oh! The resettlement contractors are getting awful cocky (and desperate for new sites).  I assumed (when I first mentioned Poughkeepsie) that there were some local officials brought in on the plan to begin resettling Syrians in Poughkeepsie in a few short months, but the mayor and others are denying they were informed.

robrolison Mayor of Poughkeepsie Rob Rolison (R) says he hasn’t been included in discussions while DOS has already approved the site. Welcome to the secret world of refugee planning from Washington. Bio here:

It appears, according to USA Today!, that Church World Service and the US State Department acted unilaterally (and against the law!) if they have already settled on this new site.

The Refugee Act of 1980 requires consultation with local elected officials.  They often skirt this requirement by putting on a small briefing for someone in local government just to check the box, but…

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