Hillary must have one God awful hangover this morning.
Here’s something we all need to keep a lookout for: With the new twists involving Weiner and the FBI re-opening the investigation as a criminal investigation, if, things really go badly, we might be seeing around November 9th sometime, Weiner getting a visit from Hillary, and then, I speculate that we could possibly hear of a Murder/Suicide. From my career experience, that is what I believe might become reality. Hillary would never go to prison. Weiner, with eleven days to go until the election, torpedoed her ship. Think about it. Hold that thought.

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Hillary Clinton Damn Huma, I thought you deleted all that!

It just never ends, one thing after another…..and where there is smoke there is fire.  Sometimes the Clinton’s blow the embers out with all the corruption they surround themselves; like a wind that constantly spreads.   The sparks move somewhere else, and another fire burns, sometimes infernos.   Can this fire get doused out?

Democrats, the DNC and Hillary are asking that Comey release what the FBI has.   Wow, give them what they ask for; be careful what you ask for!       I haven’t even stated directly what I am speaking of here, without saying it, you know!   The FBI re-opening the email investigation.

Some people are asking/demanding that Comey resign.   Of course they are, so Obama can replace him with someone that will put the fire out……by letting it burn, leave it all alone.  You can…

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