Climate Change…

Losing American Land


heat wavefall leavesI would like to know how people have been so hypnotized by the rhetoric that they cannot even see the ironic wording that is being used to define a problem in the world. Has anyone ever thougt about the term climate change? I might be to simple to understand that based on definition and my understanding is that weather varies from day to day. Even weather predictors have problems defining what weather will do each and every day. There used to be a big joke about the weather predictions on the news thaqt they really could not predict the weather. So in my eys and should be in most people eyes with common sense that Climat Change, HAPPENS!  It Happens! Kinda like $*it!

 water fall icedtropical rain storm

The following definitions are take from the Merriam-Webster dictionary website for the words climate and change…….



: a region…

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