The Remington 700 ADL: the Ugly Duckling

Wonderful article. The problem with all of this is like potato chips, you will have a difficult time eating just one. Most of the long firearm offering on the middle-to-economy price side, is like an ante paid at a poker game and it gets you seated at the table. Issues at times with firearms for one or another reason will arise and should be dealt with. There will be often times, complaints, though when everything is examined, usually, poor/no maintenance by the owner is involved. Then the issues from the factory and I too had owned two rifles that fired on their own and required immediate and very serious attention. By and large, most firearms, when utilized for an intended purpose, such as hunting, will experience little if any trouble in functionality and performance. The 700ADL, is a very nice rifle, in a very long lineage of rifles. As I am partial to my Winchester Model 70, there is realization that similar to personalities, all firearms, have interesting and unique qualities. Economical firearms will usually perform well enough to fill anyone’s deer tag and put a smile on the faces of many. Out-of-the-box reliability and function, is common. Tweaking and accurizing, improves things if desired.

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IMG_1215 She won’t win any beauty constests,but don’t let that dissuade you, the Remington 700 ADL is a solid buy and shooter

As the leaves begin to turn and deer season is upon us, I felt that it would be fitting to review an old standby, the Remington 700.

The 700 has been around officially since 1962, but its simple push feed bolt design originated with the Model 721 in 1948. Touted as the “most accurate out-of the box production rifle on the market today” with its “three rings of steel” bolt and receiver the 700 has more than its fare share of lovers and haters. Since its inception the rifle has undergone many changes, cosmetically speaking, but the design remains the same. However, it wasn’t necessarily a slam-dunk when it was introduced half a century ago; it first had to contend with the Winchester Model 70.

The Model 70 was “The…

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