Proposed Rules For An Article V Convention Of States

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In July 2015, Professor Rob Natelson, one of the nation’s leading Article V experts, crafted an initial draft of rules for a Convention of the States along with Convention of States Project co-founder, Michael Farris. Since then, members of the Convention of States Caucus — a group of 200+ state legislators from 40 states, all united in their support of an Article V Convention of States — have been invited to review Natelson’s rules and provide input. The following is the latest iteration of those rules as of September 2015. When a Convention of States is called, these rules will be available for official debate and adoption.

Convention for Proposing Amendments — Proposed Rules (1) Rule 1. Questions not governed by these rules shall be governed by the latest published edition of Mason’s Manual of Legislative Procedure, except where the rule in that manual can be applied only to a…

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