Duval and the Empress’s Crown

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Over on The Review blog today! Read my review of Duval and the Empress’s Crown by Michele McGrath.

632747“ Ever since I was a teenager I’ve had a soft spot for the Napoleonic Period.  Napoleon’s story has always fascinated me; the rise of an obscure Corsican to become the most powerful man  in France (a novelist just couldn’t make it up!). So when the chance came to review a novel of the period I jumped at it.Duval and the Empress’s Crown is not the longest book you’ll ever read. At just shy of 100 pages, it’s short and sweet. But it is a little gem….. ”

To read my full review of this wonderful book visit, and for a chance of winning an e-book copy , visit The Review today.

The winner will be drawn on 22nd September 2015.


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