The “Migrant Crisis” is About Imposing Multiculturalism on the West

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6 Responses to The “Migrant Crisis” is About Imposing Multiculturalism on the West

  1. rogerunited says:

    The real question is why do the governments want mass immigration and multiculturalism at all?


    • Brittius says:

      Money involved that lines their pockets by wrecking cultures and traditions. In fact, earlier today, I went to run an errand and passed the local Skinhead digs. There’s more of them than the past two years, and they are not teenaged boys.

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      • rogerunited says:

        Wrecking culture and traditions weakens a people’s unity and their ability to resist.

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        • Brittius says:

          Post American Civil War, it was done then to cripple the Southern states from ever rising up and bearing arms again against the invading Northerners. Then, around the Spanish-American war 1898, when combat veterans saw what the deal was and were living in cities for better job opportunities, southern black migrants flooded north from Mississippi, and that was the end of jobs and hope. After WW1, Hoover Towns where Douglas MacArthur had his troops bayonet the Bonus Army of veterans, many were forcibly shipped westward, but they were not the regular veteran troops, they were the slackers. It was repeated 1933 through 1938, with the Orphan Trains. After WW2, immigrants flooded in from Europe, but assimilated. JFK brought Southern Asians. LBJ filled housing projects in cities, built for returning WW2 combat veterans, with minorities and then crippled them by giving welfare, so they were always drunk, or drugged. Carter expanded it. The old city dwellers, moved to suburbs and rural areas where their cultural identities as Americans, still stood, and with very high regard. Now the piece of fucking shit it the White House, the Kenyan chimp, who hates America, is doing this. He wonders why there is hatred, while he resurrected all hatred. Where I live, the Klan is only minutes away. Here, Skinheads grow in number. 14/88 tattooed on people is more common, despite the area turning liberal asswipes. Further, I will wager that some, squirreled away for a rainy day, some “goodies”, and I truly wish that I too had opportunity to secure something good for a day, should all go to fucking hell, from Islamic jihadists. The migration numbers are at a ratio of 3:1 males to females. That my friend, to any veteran, is understood as a Troop Movement, and not a migration.

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