Cops Fire 84 Rounds at Robbery Suspect, 83 Rounds Hit Other Things

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Source: Cops Fire 84 Rounds at Robbery Suspect, 83 Rounds Hit Other Things

Editor Note: This has been getting worse, since the Job went over to the Glocks. I suspect that cops are “tromboning” (watching the slide move back and forth) when firing. Maybe since cops started getting smaller, when height requirements were dropped, either the grips might not fit the hand or the cops today are weaker and more closer to bookworms than Old School cops (Dinosaurs: Almost Extinct, But Still Feared). Back in the Good Old Days, the average number of rounds discharged was between one and two, total, for a shooting (My record: 8 rounds fired/8 hits/7 gunmen DOA). The spray and pray philosphy on the street is a last resort that became SOP and I wonder, have cops today, lost their nerve, rather than being villified by liberals, and therefore do not fire (or clean) service weapons other than qualifications twice a year? Ex-combat GIs have excellent records with street shootings but they also have something else that administrators hate: A profound desire to get their hands on the perps, rather than shoot them. I too, was told that I might need anger management classes because I used to get into a lot of street fights. Bring back the revolvers: ONLY THE HITS COUNT.

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