NY Times notices Senate “jihadi caucus” promoting large scale Syrian resettlement

Refugee Resettlement Watch

I love it!  Apparently we did have an impact by getting a response out quickly when14 US Senators we dubbed the “Jihad Caucus” wrote to Obama demanding he open America’s doors to 65,000! (mostly Muslim) Syrians.

Amy Klobuchar Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar is a member in good standing to the Senate Jihad Caucus promoting the resettlement of 65,000 (mostly Muslim!) Syrians to the US in 2016!

Hereis the NY Timesyesterday, but of course they don’t link where they got that phrase (“jihadi caucus”) here, and they don’t mention who the critics are or quote any of us!  Why? I believe it is because the NYT doesn’t want more Americans to find us!:

WASHINGTON — In late spring, with the war in Syria grinding into its fifth year amid an ever-deepening humanitarian catastrophe for millions of refugees, 14 United States senators wrote a letter to President Obama…

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