How Many Americans Have “Arsenals” at Home?

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Back in May, Miguel at Gun Free Zone posted a brief piece on a divorce settlement auction in Arkansas. He included a link to the listing of nearly 300 guns being auctioned by Roylston Auctions.

More recently, The Truth About Guns called attention to a story from the affluent Los Angeles suburb of Pacific Palisades where a rich eccentric named Jeffrey Alan Lash has accumulated some 1,200 guns and 6.5 tons of ammunition and explosive materials.


These stories got me thinking about the distribution of firearms in America and what constitutes an “arsenal.”

Several years ago, the Small Arms Survey estimated that there were 270 million civilian owned firearms in the United States, including handguns, rifles, and shotguns. Current estimates put this number at over 300 million.

Although this amounts to nearly one firearm for every person in the country, these weapons are not evenly distributed through the population. A…

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