North Carolina Concealed Permit Course/Training Requirements Compared to Virginia

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In April 2015, a North Carolina certified concealed carry instructor, Larry Wegman of FTA-Firearms, contacted a Raleigh area television station about people using the Virginia non-resident option to get around the course/training requirements of the North Carolina concealed handgun permit.

As noted in my last post, Wegman was particularly concerned about the ability to satisfy the course/training requirement of Virginia’s permit by taking an online course and test. According to Wegman, “Online is not training. It’s information. They don’t fire a shot, and they don’t learn anything about the law. North Carolina has a fairly high standard for concealed carry permit holders, and this bypasses that standard completely.”


This statement got my attention because I have been working on a summary of the course/training requirements for concealed carry permits across the United States recently. Although Wegman was raked over the coals in online forums for his lack of commitment…

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