HN&F | Trey Gowdy, GRILLS Former CIA Director, John Brennan, On Collusion

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CBS NewYork | AMBER Alert: Upstate NY Girl Abducted By Two Teens Is ‘In Imminent Danger’

“New York State Police in Mathias said McKenzie R. Wilson 12, was last seen traveling southeast possibly heading for the Allegany Mountains. They are in a red pickup truck, possibly a Chevrolet Silverado with NY Plates CXA5836.”

Source: AMBER Alert: Upstate NY Girl Abducted By Two Teens Is ‘In Imminent Danger’

Moral of the story is: GUN CONTROL LAWS, DO NOT WORK. Support, Constitutional Carry.

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#Breaking144 #Niger, #Chad will create centers for undocumented #migrants – @AceBreakingNews

Centers are insufficient. Improper medical screening. Inadequate hygiene and laundry facilities. Nutrition is something the starving requires, in a food base easily digested. Sanitation of human waste, requires constant disinfection.
All the above, is only the beginning. Then, where will they be sent, and how, will they be productive, and a benefit to a host nation?

#Breaking144 @Breaking144

#Breaking144 #Niger, #Chad will create centers for undocumented #migrants – @AceBreakingNews

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Judge presiding over ‘El Chapo’s’ case shot, killed while jogging outside home – San Antonio Express-News


Judge Vicente Bermudez Zacarias, 37, was the judge presiding over Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman’s case,according to SDP Noticias.Zacarias lived in Metepec, which is 45 miles west of Mexico City.


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HN&F | Tommy Robinson in Manchester: “Politicians have sold us out”

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Julian Assange’s case: the full story


Source: Hang The Bankers

Julian Assange has been vindicated because the Swedish case against him was corrupt.

The prosecutor, Marianne Ny, obstructed justice and should be prosecuted.

Her obsession with Assange not only embarrassed her colleagues and the judiciary but exposed the Swedish state’s collusion with the United States in its crimes of war and “rendition”.

Had Assange not sought refuge in the Ecuadorean embassy in London, he would have been on his way to the kind of American torture pit Chelsea Manning had to endure.

This prospect was obscured by the grim farce played out in Sweden. “It’s a laughing stock,” said James Catlin, one of Assange’s Australian lawyers. “It is as if they make it up as they go along”.

It may have seemed that way, but there was always serious purpose. In 2008, a secret Pentagon document prepared by the “Cyber Counterintelligence Assessments Branch” foretold a detailed…

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Cost of universal health care in California — bigger than state’s budget…

tomfernandez28's Blog

Screenshot 2017-05-23 11.53.29

By Angela Hart

The price tag is in: It would cost $400 billion to remake California’s health insurance marketplace and create a publicly funded universal heath care system, according to a state financial analysis released Monday.

California would have to find an additional $200 billion per year, including in new tax revenues, to create a so-called “single-payer” system, the analysis by the Senate Appropriations Committee found. The estimate assumes the state would retain the existing $200 billion in local, state and federal funding it currently receives to offset the total $400 billion price tag.

The cost analysis is seen as the biggest hurdle to creating a universal system, proposed by Sens. Ricardo Lara, D-Bell Gardens, and Toni Atkins, D-San Diego.

It remains a long-shot bid. Steep projected costs have derailed efforts over the past two decades to establish such a health care system in California. The cost is higher than…

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